Tuesday, January 12, 2010

NHL Sets Perfect Model For Ticket Price Cap

I'd like to preface this blog post by saying that I am no expert in the CBA or the salary cap, but a general working knowledge of it is enough to point out the absolute irony that the NHL has a salary cap... but let me work up to that.

In our first few weeks our critics really only have one argument... Toronto Maples Leafs ticket prices are so high because of the laws of supply and demand. I'm not going to argue that, in fact the whole purpose of developing Be Fair To The Fans is to help raise awareness in hopes of effecting the demand, just enough to get MLSE to give back to the fans.

Now, on to my main point of how the NHL salary cap is related to the Be Fair To The Fans cause and the argument of supply and demand. When it comes to the ticket prices the the Toronto market sets the price for Leafs tickets, so if people are willing to pay up to $200 for a ticket than so be it and everyone else who can't afford it is out of luck.

Interesting isn't it, that the same owners who bargained for a salary cap are charging ridiculous prices for a poor product (tonight the Leafs lost to the last place Carolina Hurricanes btw, who are now only 2 points behind the Leafs with 2 games in hand). Now, let's consider the salary cap and Alexander Ovechkin, arguably the best player in the NHL. If the market were to set the price for Alexander Ovechkin, he could be earning up to 15 or 20 million dollars. But no, there is a cap on salary because apparently some teams can't afford these players and that would be.... unfair. See the relation.

The NHL is, in fact, the perfect model for Be Fair To The Fans and why ticket prices should be capped... among many, many other reasons, such as pointed out in yesterday's Toronto Star article that the Leafs are sacrificing future fans by charging crazy prices.

Join the community of Leaf fans asking for fair prices:

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Response To Richard Peddie

This is a response to the quote from Richard Peddie in today's Toronto Star article titled "Apathetic Leaf fans are a silent majority".

Here are Peddie's comments:

"Burke and (assistant Dave) Nonis have not even had truly a full year to get the team turned around," said MLSE president Richard Peddie. "The fans we talk to don't like the losing but want us to steady the course and be patient. We understand the fan unrest. It also says they really care."

Mr. Peddie, I strongly encourage you to take a moment to read over our website BeFairToTheFans.com. If you do you will learn that we are very much in agreement with you.

- Yes, we do not like to lose
- Yes, we really do care
- Yes, we do understand that Brian Burke is as frustrated as we are
- Yes, we understand we need to stay the course

But what you have missed Mr. Peddie, is that in addition to your comments, Be Fair To The Fans also notes that we as Leaf fans have been very strong supporters of the team. We are a group of fans that understands that we will not get a winning team overnight. We feel, that what you can do today is give back to the fans, just as we have been giving to you (so much so that your revenues increased despite a recession). So, we are asking that the Toronto Maple Leafs management give back by reducing prices to reflect the value of the product on the ice.

Mr. Peddie, with only 8 wins on home ice so far this season out of 22, the average Leaf fan would have to spend $209 to experience a Leafs win.

MLSE, it's time to BE FAIR TO THE FANS!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Your Comments

Below are some fan comments from the over 500 emails of support I have received over the past couple of days. Thank you everyone for your support! Some have been censored to keep this PG. There are many other great ideas, but too many to post. Please continue to spread the word :)

Something is wrong when I have to leave the province to see a Leafs game!

Have a mock champianship parade beginning at bloor and bay and parade to the ACC. Try to get a large media attention brought to it. Maybe have it the day of the final stanley cup game day, which gives us two months of the playoffs to organize. See if anyone from MLSE would respond!!

Set up a date and have all ticket holders miss 5 or 10 minutes of the game.

Best to go after the sponsors and the TV networks. Particularily LEAFS TV.

Your goals seem achievable...as for now we just have to keep getting the word out. No doubt this could get hundreds of thousands of supporters. Keep it up.

I to am a loyal Leaf fan! I wish I could afford to go to the game but the prices are, well, nuts! If you can succeed in getting MLSE to lower ticket prices hell will freeze over, but I'll support your cause.

Great idea! Should have been done years ago. Hopefully these guys at the top will listen but don\'t count on it.

Refuse to watch leafs T.V and or CBC Saturday night leafs games at least once a month.

They need to bring special packages like FAMILY packs were you get 4 tickets and a hotdog each for $99 just like all the places in the US are doing and they still sell out why because most familys can afford $99 for the whole family outing. I think that would be a really great point. Hey its the leafs and they will probably say that they will not make any money from that but atleast a kid can watch a game before they turn 40 and still cant afford to go.

Keep spreading the word, I pay lots of money for a good performing vehicle, I pay for a good Television, why not pay to see a good team. If I wanted to see poor players and less skill then I would pay 200% less of the price to see them.

We need to stick together...now more then ever to change hockey in Toronto for the better. I know we all love the leafs but we are not doing them any good by soporting them at times like these. I love the Toronto maple leafs but there comes a time when you Got to stand up for yourself and say enough!!!!

Whats to say its a rip off.

You will need to get some more main stream media outlets to talk about the site and its purpose. Citytv did it, you need some other in the market to help as well.

I have not been to a leafs game in 10 years or more and I have stopped watching them for years also. They charge way too much and they don't respect the fans at all.

Very cliche but money talks, I am in boycott mode and they will not see a penny of my cash until they change - won't buy a t-shirt, hat, whatever - I've been disgusted for at least the last 2 years and it is sad because I was such a huge fan - the problem is they can charge whatever they want becasue they still get the support - it will never happen but trust me, if the money stopped coming in they would take notice and make changes - unfortunately I've been saying this until I'm "blue and white" in the face.

Going to a Leaf game has become exceptionally dull at times. Create a BLUE ZONE down BY ice level where die-hard fans are encouraged to sing, dance, bring banners and flags!! Standing room only! LIKE THE TFC section which makes going to those matches all the more exciting!! Win or Lose you see the true fan spirit at each game!

Season ticket holders are key to reducing the prices...they hold the most clout...not joe smoe...and sponsors...I have no problem boycotting...I already do

I am a mom of 3 teen boys who are TOTAL Leafs fans and have been for as long as I can remember. We have bought Jerseys, Hats and other things promoted by the franchise on (at least) a yearly basis. For my husband and I to take the kids to the game and buy anything from the concessions cost an arm and a leg...and the results of the games we've seen have most often been losses. I would love to continue to be a Leafs fan, but am finding it VERY difficult...to show up at a game, buy and wear their team stuff and then be hit again with the cost of tickets is to truly be taken advantage of. I think that whether they do well or not (although I'd prefer they were doing better), they should not be ripping off their fans. Their ticket prices should be more in line with the rest of the franchises...why the heck wouldn't they be????? I love what you are doing at "Be Fair to the Fan$"...keep it up.

Power in numbers, spread the word as far as you can.

I think it\'s so arrogant of mlse to charge ridiculous prices for tickets while the team has been so poor for so long. the mismanagement has gone on too long. it is time us fans show them that we have had enough!! after all, money talks and BS walks!!

20% would be nice but they should drop rates 80% based on their performance!

Personally, I have stopped watching (as i am sure many have) and actually have started following other teams. I love the leafs, but I refuse to let MLSE profit from stupidity.

A Saturday night home game boycott similar to the one organized in Cleveland on Monday night football where fans boycotted the first 5-10 minutes of the game to embarrass the Browns ownership on national television.

Unfortunately with alot of major corporations holding these tickets, the best way to go about it is to go after them and boycot their products or services if they donot join us in putting presure on MLSE to reduce prices right across the board. Find out who is holding all these season tickets and let's start by going after them.

Organize cheap trips to Buffalo Sabres games so that fans can see what a high quality hockey game looks like.

I have been a Loyal Leaf Fan for more than 40yrs and am frustrated that they don't seem to care about the quality of product the show us as compaired the the prices thay charge. If they are as commited to rebuilding than do so, but charge AHL prices for AHL product they currantly are offering.

The Toronto Maple Leafs do not deserve our support. They love their $$$ but not their fans.

Not to buy any product with the Maple Leafs Logo on it.

Just a fact about how i want to spend my money: I dont mind paying for quality, but when quality drops i expect the prices to follow suit.

I already don't watch the games anymore. It's a waste of time now. Also I've never been to a live game because of ticket prices.

I love the leafs i just cant afford them.